The primary function of SUNOMAX during the summer months is the accumulation of heat from roof solar collectors to the ground heat reservoir. The heat from the reservoir is used to heat the water and for heating during the winter.

The cooling ground reservoir located outside the building area effectively cools the roof and thermal barrier to protect the building from overheating.

  1. Roof solar collector
    a roof-pipe system that transfers heat from the sun to the the ground heat reservoir in summer
  2. Ground heat reservoir
    accumulates the heat obtained by solar collectors, uses it to heat the water and stores for use in the thermal barrier in cold months
  3. Cooling ground reservoir
    low temperature below the earth’s surface around the building serves as the source of cold for thermal barrier in the summer
  4. Thermal barrier
    the thermal barrier is a system of roof and wall piping that uses cold from the ground reservoir during the summer months and maintains a pleasant temperature in the building during the hottest days


During the cold months, SUNOMAX uses the accumulated heat in the ground heat reservoir to heat the utility water and the building itself.

  1. Thermal barrier
    uses accumulated heat from the ground heat reservoir to create an active thermal barrier that protects the building from cold
  2. Ground heat reservoir
    even in cold regions, it has enough accumulated heat to heat the utility water and the building itself during the coldest months