Nowadays, about 40 % of all energy raw materials such as crude oil, natural gas and coal are being used for air-conditioning purposes, i.e. for heating and cooling of buildings – an unjustifiable luxury considering the fact that both ecologically friendly and economically useful alternatives are available.

Despite a great variety of activities regarding the utilisation of renewable energies the expenditure of primary energy for the manufacture of such systems and facilities as well as the initial costs for photo-voltaic installations, solar collectors or heat pumps are definitely still too high as compared with the energy savings achievable.

Our ambition is to be a leader in low-energy housing in Slovakia, to contribute to the development of renewable energy technologies and to support this area with such great and untapped potential.

We are ready to offer the opportunity to cooperate in developing low-energy housing in Slovakia to business partners who are actively interested in energy efficient technologies.


  • SUNOMAX uses natural sources of energy, sun and earth.
  • Only 15% higher installation costs compared to conventional construction.
  • Soil is used as a heat and cold storage.
  • Highest energy efficiency compared to other low-energy systems.
  • 80% lower primary energy consumption compared to heat pump, gas, or solid fuel.
  • The thermal barrier on the perimeter walls prevents heat leakage.
  • At least 14 times lower CO2 emissions compared to other energy sources.
  • Long service life.
  • Low operating costs.
  • No expensive components for system maintenance.